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Contract Manufacturing

Mericon Industries does contract manufacturing and is always looking for marketing companies that needs a product made and shipped anywhere in the world. 

Mericon Industries, Inc. was founded in 1951, with present control succeeding in 1996.

We are located in Pioneer Industrial Park on Peoria's north side in a 20,000 square foot facility constructed in 1984 specifically for use in the manufacture of pharmaceuticals.

Mericon produces both prescription and nonprescription drugs and dietary supplements.  We have tablet, capsule, and lotion capabilities.

We are listed with and inspected by the FDA and hold an ANDA for hydrocortisone lotion 1/2% and 1%.  We have also supplied products for investigational use under an IND for various research centers around the country.

Looking for a company that can make a product, labeled and shipped contact us at 800-242-6464

or email brian.connelly@mericon-industries.com

 capsule.jpg  label-maker.jpg

Capsule Machine 1                                                        Label Machine



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 Waiting To Ship                                                                New Capsules from South Korea